TSOTM Oct 2023: Mexico 68
TSOTM Oct 2023: Mexico 68

TSOTM Oct 2023: Mexico 68

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Our T-Shirt of the Month for October 2023, made of 100% organic cotton by a worker-owned co-operative, and supporting Mexican Indigenous organising and grassroots labour unions in South Asia.

This month's Working Class History T-shirt of the Month brings us to the Mexico of 1968 when many workers and poor farmers were fighting for better conditions, and the government responded with violent repression during what is known as the "dirty war". People were angry at the huge cost of staging the Olympics, as well as police repression. And so, on 2 October around 10,000 school and university students gathered in protest at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City, chanting: "We don't want Olympics, we want revolution!" A little after 6 PM, 5,000 troops surrounded the square and began firing into the crowd and nearby buildings. Throughout the night, soldiers and police officers went on a rampage, rounding people up, and beating and killing protesters, bystanders and local residents. Authorities and the media claimed that troops were defending themselves from sniper fire, but it was much later revealed that the snipers who began shooting were members of the Presidential Guard. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been in close contact with Mexican authorities as it was concerned about protests against the Olympic Games, and the US military provided them with equipment, weapons and ammunition. Six days before the massacre, Mexican federal security told the CIA that "the situation will be under complete control very shortly".

Tattoo artist Fede Borgia's design is remembering the brave people in Mexico who protested in the street back then and comes with the Spanish phrase "2 de Octubre no se olvida" (2 October will never be forgotten). 

  • 100% organic cotton, single jersey, 160 g/m², 0% elastane in fabric
  • High-quality water-based print: environmentally and skin-friendly ink certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard
    Unisex fit s
    izes: S - M - L - XL - 2XL – 3XL - 4XL - 5XL
  • Made with dignity by the worker-owned Humana Nova cooperative
  • Supports grassroots labour unions in South Asia through ExChains
  • Learn more about our 'T-Shirt of the Month' collaboration with dna merch here
  • Printed individually just for you, with no overproduction or waste
  • Global shipping, from France

Please make sure to carefully choose your size by checking the size chart below.

Width: Measured 2cm (1in) beneath the sleeves across the shirt
Length: Measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom end of the shirt

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
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Length (cm) 71 74 76.5 79 80.5 82  74.5 85

When will I receive my t-shirt?

Printing of each T-Shirt of the Month will take approximately one week after being ordered. The shirts will then be shipped from France, and delivery should take up to one week for Europe, and up to 2 weeks for the rest of the world.
In the unlikely event that shirts from Humana Nova are out of stock, design will instead be printed on an organic t-shirt from fairwear foundation leader Stanley & Stella instead.